Top 30 Windows Wallpapers

Windows remains one of the most successful and popular operating systems in the world. It’s user friendly interface allows it to be one of the best Operating systems of the world and this is the most important reason for its popularity and fame. Compared to when it was launched, almost every household that has a […]

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15 examples of infinite scrolling websites

Website designs have become a lot innovative due to the increasing availability and creativity of people these days. Latest advancements in HTML and CSS along with java have given websites a lot of possibilities regarding news, more creative and advanced designs. One such innovative idea is to have an infinitely long website, also known as […]

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Choosing between Xbox One and Sony PS4: All you need to know

Microsoft and Sony Corporation have recently unveiled their latest consoles that they have sent into the war, Xbox One and Sony PS4 respectively. Until recently, there has been a very tight competition in between both of these brands and Microsoft’s console apparently took the lead in being the most successful console with comparison to Sony’s […]

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Top 15 Business Themes on ThemeForest

One of the biggest resources available of online Web and Word Press themes, ThemeForest serves your ‘theme’ needs for all sorts of purposes. Whether it is a blog or a business related Website or just a casual Web page, ThemeForest offers you the best solution and satisfies your web requirements.

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Introduction to Twitter Bootstrap

  Twitter bootstrap is a free collection of tools for creating web applications and web development. It is a actually a free collection of tools and templates that are based on CSS and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, charts, navigation and other components. Moreover to that, it also contains optional JavaScript components.

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iPad4 vs Nexus10 vs Surface Pro: Fight of the Giants

Hello folks and welcome to yet another post of Tablet market has been swerving up all over the world with their latest advancements and top-notch add-ons that developers are making every day. IN this race of glory, brands are running hard in their competition to attract and gain more and more customers. The biggest […]

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30 Great Android Wallpapers 2013

Hello folks and welcome to yet another post of This time we took some time out and thought that instead of bringing you folks some Apple wallpapers, we compiled a collection of Android wallpapers that you can download and set as desktop background to give your desktops a great new look. Here are 30 […]

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10 Free and Premium Stock Photo Websites

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another post of Risensources. This time we brought you a unique collection of websites that are loaded with stock photos and can fulfill your needs. Here is a list of free stock photos websites.

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iOS vs. Android: The war of Giants

It’s been quite some time a big rivalry has sparked in the technological realms and two opponents of truly epic proportions are contesting against each other, with each of them snapping the bit away to prove the world “Who’s the Best”. Yes, anyone can recognize that it’s the epic saga of Android vs. iOS, an […]

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interview question and answers

Most Important Interview Questions and their Answers

Getting a job can be one of the most important moments for some people in their lives. And one of the most important parts of the hiring process is the job interview. Job interview is one way of the hirer knowing the applicant more and better and is a mean of choosing the right type […]

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