10 Reasons Why Justin Bieber Sucks!

Justin Bieber Is a 17 year old popstar who emerged as a teen heartthrob back in 2009, when he released his first single “One Time”. Since then, there was no turning back for him. His voice was pretty descent back then,but since he hit puberty he started sounding like an EPIC DOUCHE-BAG that he is.

Hundreds of Thousands of people hate this popstar and there’s a reason for that.



Below are the reasons why I think Justin Bieber Sucks :


1.He says ‘shawty’ and ‘yo’ and stuff but that doesnt make him cool, #HE SUX


2.How in the world did we go from Tupac, Wu-Tang, Big L, Nas, Kool G Rap, and others to Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and now *Sigh* Justin Bieber!??



3.Flirts With every other celebrity that comes his way. seriously, who does that? #Desperate

4.Kissing a girl in the backseat of his car,when Paparazzi was all over the place!?!?! #PublicitySeeker?


5.Copied The BEATLES’ Hairstyle and states that he came up with the whole thing himself?!?!?! #Fail


6.He Is backed by Usher and L.A Reid or else he wouldn’t have had so much of a success. #Really?


7.Usher knows that he is going nowhere with his career and signed this little faggot (Justin Bieber) so that he can Retire without worrying about money. #GetaLife.


8.Doesn’t even knw where Germany is situated! #GetBackToSchool.

Ohh, He is already in school! too bad, he is LAME as HELL.


9.Has only Female Fans, Mostly some 10 year olds. His CD’s are bought by only these crazy little kids. #CantBeBlamed.

These girls will know about his LAMENESS with time.


10.Attention Seeker! Whenever he sees media, he loses his mind and tries to do something that can earn him a bit of Publicity. #EpicFail.


Note:To all the Justin Bieber Fans,these are not my views,these are the views of many Mature People that Understand How to make Good Music.

I dont Blame you, I blame His Father. #WhyCouldntULetHerSleepThatNight.






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  1. Niel August 21, 2013 at 12:49 pm #

    Nice post im 26 and really hate and despise justin bieber hes a dumbshit with no talent. a waste of breath and life. he’s a mistake to this world, and he ruins everything he touches. For example, lovely boxing, he turned it into some gay photoshoot, he’s so pathetic and lame, his mother should have aborted him at birth. He has to realize that the reason people like us hate him is because of his stupid attention seeking tirades as you listed and etc.
    Then he uses the excuse “I’m just trying to learn who i am” thats the lamest excuse ever made. Point made, he’s a mistake that his mother should have aborted because hes a worthless piece of shit with no respect or dignity for anything, im glad selena gomez dumped him and hes depressed, he should kill himself now. Why would she wanna get back with him after he said “i never loved her” he deserves to die.

    Thank you.
    Nice post man.

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