10 Reasons Why We Love To Sleep!

Everybody in the world works hard, not all but almost everyone. We do everything that can earn us big amount of money in a short time and sometimes small amount of money in a long time. We do everything that pleases us but there’s one thing that nothing can match, SLEEP. Sleeping is something that everybody loves and is an essential part of our life.


Below are 10 Reasons Why Sleep is so important in our lives :



We all have dreams, some are funny, some are sad, some are happy and some are Dirty!

but that’s what makes us want to go back to bed as soon as we wake up!



As I said, everybody in this world is trying his very best for the good of himself and his family!

In the end of the day, after a stressful day all they want is to Rest.



We set alarms, we ask our mums to wake us up but when they do wake us up, we’re too lazy to get up.



Its simple, Every man loves women, except for gays. Every man fantasizes the girl they love and they have all the time in the world for doing that when in sleep.



When we have tests or any project submission and we aren’t ready for it we have only one way to get away with it. Fake your Illness and Rest in bed for the whole day.


6.Illness.(Real Illness not Faking it)

When we’re sick,really sick . All the doctors say one thing and one thing only, “You need to rest”.


7.Partying late!?!?

We all love to party and party hard. The only thing that buzzes me off is the time it gets over. It never end before 4-5 am,my experience. And after staying up late the whole night when I see a bed, its like Heaven to me.



We all love to talk to friends and family and sometimes in life we are separated from them and Skype connects us and when we start talking, time flies and the next thing we know. Its Morning and our Bed keeps on calling us towards itself.



Admit it, You would have spent countless of your nights for your kids. Its not bad, Not at all. We care about them and love them , thats why we look after them no matter what time it is. But after a stressful night, moms do need to rest.


10.Sleep is the beauty’s ally!

I guess you knew this one. During the hours we sleep our body recharges with energy and the cells, especially the skin cells seem to rejuvenate. This is due to the fact that the reparatory process of the skin is more intense during the sleep. So, if you want a fair skin, without precocious wrinkles and under eye circles you should stick to your sleeping program.



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