Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 | Who’s the winner?

Battlefield 3 : (Click for HD Battlefield 3 Wallpapers)

The Immensely Popular and talked about game has finally hit the store shelves all around the world across all three major Platforms, PC ,Xbox 360, PS3. The game was very well promoted,I must say. Every gaming website that I visited had the BF3 trailers and themes on it. EA didn’t want to leave any stone unturned in their latest attempt to Smash their huge rival franchise,Call of Duty. There had been flame of words between the CEOs of the two rival giants,respectively. On a gaming even earlier this year,EA’s CEO even went ahead and said that they were going to destroy the Call of Duty franchise. The trouble started in June when EA CEO John Riccitiello sat down with IndustryGamers for an interview. During much of the interview, Riccitiello took aim at Activision’s Call of Duty franchise, saying that he believes his company’s upcoming alternative, Battlefield 3, is a better option for customers. But then Riccitiello fired a salvo that ostensibly annoyed Hirshberg: “all I want to do, if you will, is to have [Call of Duty] rot from the core,”In response, Hirshberg reportedly didn’t fire back at EA, saying instead that he believes his job “is to help our incredibly talented, passionate teams to make the best games they can, not to throw insults around at others.” However, he did say that he believes Riccitiello’s comments are “bad for our industry.”

Modern Warfare 3 : (Click for HD Modern Warfare 3 Wallpapers)

Modern warfare 3 has had it’s share of both,Criticism and Praise. Both the Critics and Gamers. Many have said that the newest installment in the COD franchise looks and feels alot like it’s predecessor “Modern Warfare 2″ which many feel is a good thing and some say it’s bad. For me,I loved “Modern Warfare 2″,That too if it’s without the noobtubes,nuke,commando,one man army,last stand. For me,Modern Warfare 3 is the Modern Warfare 2 that I always wanted and wished for. Many of the gamers all around the world feel the same about it. I hope that MW3 is better and worth my 60$. Activison’s CEO also stated in the recent GAMESCOM event held in Germany last August about EA’s over confidence that “This isn’t politics. In order for one to win, the other doesn’t have to lose,” Hirshberg reportedly said during his address. “This is an entertainment industry, it’s an innovation industry and, at best, it’s an art form. But we’re still a young art form. If we were the movie industry the movies wouldn’t even be talking yet.” Lets see if they both stick to their words when both the games get their verdicts from the critics and the gamers.

Rivalry :

I believe that both of these industry giants should work into improving their games rather than bursting out at each other,respectively. As I was saying, Battlefield 3 has been a beneficial product for EA. Last year,they were very sure about the Medal of Honor(Reboot). They even went ahead and said that it was going to break COD’s records,which certainly didn’t really happen. Battlefield 3 is released and all eyes are now set on MW3. As far as I have seen, No huge promotional campaigns have been carried out by Activision to promote their latest installment in their hugely popular franchise other than the COD XP event that took place earlier this year in LA.

Sales :

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter estimates that the two games this year will generate more than $1.4 billion in sales, representing about 15% of all packaged sales in the Q4 period. Pachter forecasts that Modern Warfare 3 will sell double the number of units as Battlefield 3 this year, 16 million to 8 million, and that MW3 could add another 8 million next year whileBF3 could add another 2 million. And while the average consumer isn’t likely to buy both games, there are some hardcore shooter fans who will end up doing so.

“I’d guess that around half of the console copies of Battlefield 3 will be bought by people who also buy Modern Warfare 3, so around 2 to 3 million will buy both,” said Pachter. “I don’t see much cannibalization of the titles.”


Who’s The Winner?

Both of these industry giants have spent huge amounts of money and effort into making their respective games. As a gamers, I want them to keep coming out with amazing and action-packed games every year and for that so,this year has to be a successful year for them. I wish both of these games with nothing but best wishes. I hope the Gamers win for once. I hope we Gamers get what we love this year, Good Games.



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