23 hidden ways to use Twitter advanced search

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Around 60,000 tweets are sent to Twitter on every second which means more than 500 million tweets in a day! Do you know that you can search every tweet of them? (Plus high profiles attached to them are searchable!) Twitter has powerful tools which are supporting you to find what you are looking for.

Advanced searches are helpful in finding out your new customers. So are you ready?

Advanced searches can tell you about the customer feedback. You can measure it now!

Small business owners don’t know that Twitter is their goldmine and they can get a lot from it. I am very excited to tell you some of the tricks which help your business to grow through the Twitter advanced search.

So let’s start the guide.

How to find Twitter’s advanced search!

There are some different methods of Twitter’s search.

You can use the search bar of Twitter for searching.

Twitter search barThe website search page

Website search page

The app version of the search

Mobile app searchesIf you are searching something which is trendy, you will find that quickly through the hashtag.

If you are searching for something which is worthy outside the Twitter, you can go for advanced search which is a fantastic tool and power source. When you are using the website of Twitter, you can use the option of advanced search. You can directly connect to for advanced search.


Advance search windowStandard search results will also give you option of advanced searches if you click on the menu of advanced searches and select advanced search in the bottom of the list.

And in advance searches, a lot of segments are available for search. There are a lot of filters for the data on Twitter that includes profiles and tweets.

Include all the keywords

This phrase exactly

Include any of these words

Exclude all these words

Include hashtags

Written in this language

From these accounts

Monitor these accounts

Near this place

From this date

Positive Tone

Negative Tone


Including retweets


Navigation of twitter advance search

Page of Twitter Advanced Search will look little overwhelming. There are some fields on the page which you should consider, and it is difficult for you to decide where to start.

So we are here with our guide to tell you that from where you should start.

Avance search page 1Take a start of the Twitter advance search


All the words

You will enter 3 to 4 words in the search bar, and tweets that have those words will come in the results. You can use every word in the separate quotation to separate each word. Such as “Social marketing” and “social media.”

This phrase exactly

If you add one sentence to search it is the best way to search. If you want to search quotes or names, this is the best option.

Any word from these

This search term is best, and you can give the option for search, for instance, if you want to search all the items related to Hootsuite you can use ‘Hootsuite,’ ‘@Hootsuite’ or ‘#Hootsuite.’

None of these words

This is an exciting search option which will remove the phrase you have written in the search bar.

These hashtags

You can see the conversation about the brand when you will add the term with a hashtag such as #Hootsuite.

Written in

You can use this option to search from twitter who is supporting more than 50 languages.


From these accounts

This will show the data from the accounts which you have entered.

To these accounts

You can search for one or more accounts if you are entering in this field and you can see any tweets of your usernames.

Mentioning these accounts

You can see every tweet suggesting those profiles which you have added in the search bar.


Near this place

Tweets which were sent from a particular area shows in this search.


From this date to this date

You can also search for the tweets between specific times which is the best feature.

You can use some resources in advance searches for refined results if you are not getting the required data. On the search page of Twitter Advanced Search, a menu with filter option is available to make your results refined. You can select the options from profiles, media type, and more. You can use some tricks in advance searches which will make your results improved, and you can also use the combination of Twitter search operators.


We will also see some enhanced ways to put all this together.

Search operators of twitter23 Tricky ways you can use Twitter for marketing and sales


Marketing tricks

Measuring the reputation of your brand

Analyzing the competition

Fine tune your searches.

Simple sales hack

Advance search Twitter trick to help you in marketing!

1.    Make a saved search

Twitter is giving the facility to save 25 searches in your account. If you want to keep search click on more options on the top of results and then click on the choice of save this search.

If you want to monitor the people who are sharing the content of your brand, keywords which are relevant to your brand and you are mentioning your brands.


Make a saved search

2.    Interactions of you with other Twitter accounts

It is hard to remember every communication with another person on twitter. You can refresh your mind, with the synergies from these Twitter accounts when you are using to these account filter.


Find the interaction 1Here is the interaction of one user of Twitter with Hootsuite.


Find the interaction 2

3.    Find famous tweets about any topic

I have tried a lot of searches on Twitter, but this one is my favorite Twitter search trick. You can set your metrics for the favorite post, and this trick will help you out in finding out this type of tweet. You can go on the search bar of Twitter, type the term you want and add min_retweets: number or you can add min_faves: the amount which will filter your searches. For example here is the sample of your search that will surely show the number of retweets.

For instance, you can take the tweets about Hootsuite with over retweets, and I will search for “ min_retweets:30.”


Retweets more than 30

4.    Your most famous tweets are easy to find!

You can also find your own most popular tweet from your account using the above technique. You can go to the search bar and search for “From: [your account] min_retweets:30”.

For instance: “from CGTNOfficial min_retweets:30” will give you the results of the tweets which are sent on CGTN account with more than 30 retweets. If you are having a twitter account of CGTN, you can see the favorite posts using analytics also.

5.    Ideas for blog posts

You can get the best inspiration for blog posts from Twitter. The Twitter Advanced Search will tell you what people are talking about the related topic.

Here what I always search on twitter about the topic.

Find ideas for blog posts6.    Find great blog posts on Twitter!

If you want a lot of information about any subject in the form of blog posts on any subject, Twitter advance search option can help you to unearth some fantastic stuff.

All these words of the search you can add your subject on which you want some blog posts, and in this exact phrase, you can add ‘HTTP.’

I use to keep an eye on every blog post related to content marketing on twitter and here is the example.


find blogpost on twitter7.    Find content from selected accounts

How about you want to see the reaction of your favorite tweeters on one news you can search their names and the keyword.

For example, you want to see the New Year celebration of people.



Find content from selected accounts8.    You can also embed searches in your blog posts and website

If you want to give content life, you can add it to the site or the blog post.

Find how you can do this, and it will be fun to have your tweets on the website or in a blog post.

9.    Filter by location

You can now search that people from which area are talking about the particular brand. You can also get the audience of your brand go in the Twitter Advanced Search and select the area you want to focus on.

This is a fantastic feature and will be useful if you will add your keyword in the search for instance: ‘@hootsuite near: “London, England” within 15mi.’


Search by placeYour brand reputation can also be monitored

10.    Mentions of your company are monitored

You can now watch the reputation of your brand through Twitter advance search, and it is beneficial. You can see the mentioning of your brands on Twitter Advanced Search easily. If any account of Twitter includes your website address, it can also come up in the advance search monitoring. You can search like this here is the example.

Mentioning of the brand11.    Filter tweets of competitors

You can add filters in your searches and remove the tweets of your competitors. You need to add the username of the brand and the URL in the option of “None of these words.” You can see the example of it also.


Competitor filter12.    Find news about your company

You can select the news option in Twitter Advanced Search to see the news website after the monitoring of the landing page of the site. You need to choose the news from the drop-down menu of more options, and all news will be visible. Here is the example for you.


News of your website

13.    Finding satisfied and unsatisfied customers 

You can now see that how people are reacting for your brand are they happy with your services or no.

You can get the ideas and feedback from this way, and this is great for you to enhance things. For instance, a wrong comment will start a conversation on how you can maintain the standard and what needs more improvement.

Tick the relevant box to include the sentiment filters in your Twitter Advanced Search. You can tick the happy face or an unhappy face at the end of search term such as “Hootsuite  or Hootsuite.”

Emoji in advance searchesAdvance searches use to check the competition

14.    The sentiment of the competitors should monitor

You can check the feelings about your brand, and for other brands it is similar. Twitter advance search gives you the opportunity to know how people are talking about your competitors.

If you want to analyze the reputation of your competitor, add their URL in the all these words bar, and you will get plenty of results. Through this, you can find what techniques you should use to grow your audience.

15.    Search tweets of your competitors

I have picked a lot of tips from resources such as Tim Baran. You can filter a lot of tweets of one account with the help of Twitter Advanced Search. You can also select the tweets of specific keywords. You can use “All these words” option to find these tweets of specific keywords. On the other hand, you can use “From these accounts” option also.

You can see the example of transparency keyword in Hootsuite twitter account for the reference.

search tweet of your competitorsYou can also search from Hootsuite “transparency” in the search bar as a shortcut.

Tuning of your Twitter Advanced Search

16.    See results of the people you follow

You can miss the excellent content from the people you are following because everything is very instant on twitter.

People you are following content is now available and thanks to the filters of Twitter Advanced Search. This is the way you can get to know that you have seen every tweet of your favorite subject and also it will tell you about the exciting subjects. An example will tell you about this in detail.

I need to check how people are talking about content marketing. This is the best way to get in touch with the latest news coming on a topic quickly.

Results of people you follow17.    Videos on related topics

The video is an exciting thing to learn, and some people cannot read books and articles, but they can see the video on a specific issue for learning. Twitter is the best platform which offers you to search the video on any topic of your choice. You can see the videos through twitter advance search. Use some filters and see the fantastic results. A lot of people are using these useful videos to learn something good.


18.    Photos on the related subject

Same like the videos pictures can be searched from Twitter Advanced Search option easily. You need to go to the pictures tab. Picture results are also amazing on Twitter and picture to speak 1000 words as compare to the content.

19.    View only questions

You need to tick on the question box present on the Twitter Advanced Search you will see the tweets having question marks. If you need to know about the customer support you can use this trick for your customers. This is an excellent idea to get more customers.

View questions only20.    Interesting people to follow

If you are in search of new people to follow on Twitter from your niche, you can easily search that. You need to add the phrase or the keyword and use some filters of the accounts. Some accounts will reveal which match your keyword.

I have searched the people related to content marketing here are the results. Simply search people from the menu.

Interesting peopleYou can share your interest with these people, and they will tell you about some latest trends and the same importance. It is easy and amazing to connect with those people.

21.    Find an account with keywords and locations

You can make the combo of your keyword with the place which is powerful together, and you will get some refined accounts from a site. Through this search, you can get the trends of the specific area.

22.    Search what you think people will say

Google search is different from Twitter search. You should assume that what people can talk with each other instead of thinking about a keyword or a phrase which you will search on Twitter. Tweets are most of the time based on the conversation and Google search always use term to search not a discussion.

23.    Look for the signal of buying

On social media listening to other is very important, and that will keep you updated about every stuff, and what people are talking, you can find some good chances on Twitter.

You can search the terms ‘any advice on’ or ‘any recommendation’ which will help you to find out the people which are looking out for advice and you can sale relevant product to them quickly.

Also, you can search for the customers who are disappointed with the product of your competitor you can sell your product. Engagement of the customer is a significant step which will make your sales in motion. Never try to sell the product when you are in conversation with the customer.

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