Top 5 Content Writing Marketing Tips for More Traffic

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Top Content Writing Marketing Tips For More Trafficcontent marketing


As most of us think that content is the collection of blogs, a bunch of tweets and different kinds of websites that are working as an alliance with some organizations or a private company, then we all can conclude that we are partially right but not completely. Some might think that how! But the reality is yes!. The main core things that are the base for content management are

  • Best quality content
  • Social outreach
  • Branding   

Apart from these 3 major things, many other elements are responsible for successful content marketing. If you want to get involved with the digital market with any aspect then you must have to know how content marketing strategy works and how to develop one. You must have a clear understanding of how these things work by focusing on core things.

Here in this article, we are going to go over some tips that are necessary for a person who is new to this thing to a guy earning handsome amount by doing these things professionally, it does not matter that you are a seasoned blogger with strong traffic or a fledgling newbie you must have to know these simple and effective strategies so you can use them to drive more traffic towards your website.

So let’s start with what are those strategies, techniques, tips, and tricks that help you to gain more traffic.

 Understanding Content Marketing

The content is considered as data that we collect and then put on our websites and other things but what is content marketing?. Content marketing is a very efficient business model or process that contains a special type of strategy that is focused on creating relevant, valuable and effectively consistent content to retain an amount of audience that turns out into profitable customer actions. In content writing race everything is dependent on the audience they are everything.

You must have to choose what the audience wants, what they value. If they are seeking help it’s all depends on how you help educate them.

If you are going all well then it helps to create a relationship between you and your audience which is “trust”. If they do trust you they are ready to be with you, to work with you when there’s some purchasing decision.

Once you fully understood the value of your audience you are all good to start with content marketing. If you are doing some sales and purchase business then you need to understand this better what makes buyers move through the funnel. As first of all when you take with any brand you need to understand what attracts the buyers what makes them come and purchase your services what content they want. So for a business like sales and purchase, there can be stages that are :

  • Attracting new customers
  • Convincing customers to buy
  • Making the sale
  • Establishing brand loyalty and returning customers

These four stages are the base for how you cast the net over as many audiences you want initially that’s why it’s a critical step. Now for all these things you need a great content strategy where your skill of content writing for a website will help you to create that quality content that will catch the audience’s eye.

Many of great content writer knows this thing very well how to make well-structured strategies that make them engage more customers on all stages. I hope that this clears out the question “what content marketing is”.

Content Marketing Strategies

 Write Relevant And Actionable Content

After understanding content marketing it is important to know how to create the content. Content is the base for any website in this whole marketing industry best content always gets you more audience. A great content marketing strategy will engage the audience at every point if you know what is wanted by your audience.

If you are a good strategist then it’s your work to analyze, meticulously monitor and watch, report, track the analytics readings. Here the analytics is your guide and it’s necessary so you can convert, refine and adjust your strategy towards better results. You need to keep an eye on, where the customers are coming and where are they going, in short, you have to continuously analyze the traffic patterns.

Analyzing the market to know what trend is in and then to write on those titles is also an important strategy you need to analyze for trends first and the trends are what people want and their needs. You must have all the information about what is trending and what is happening around you so you can create your content accordingly.

The content marketing strategy only works when you know how content writing works. As there are people with long content and there are people with some short paged content but the writers with some short pages are winning this race why? Because he is magnetizing the more traffic, his content is clearly explaining all the perspectives in that short amount, covering and focusing on all the stages and elements that are necessary for that headline but on the other hand, the long content is explaining all things but is not clearing or making any sense so it is important to know what is relevant to your headline and what is wanted by your audience it is only effective when you know what your audience wants and how to give them their need.

After analyzing all the readings you will get a solid idea where to put an effort to improve your strategy as you will know where your audience is going you can check what factor is being offered on another place that is not offered on your website.

As we discussed earlier we need to analyze the analytics continuously that’s how we will know about the audience’s preference and their interests along with their purchasing behavior. Now you got an idea on how to improve your content and how to give the audience what they want along with how to improve your content marketing strategy over time by analyzing audience behavior.

Creation Of Actionable Content

 Use Conversational And Simple Language

As by name it suggests the understanding term for what you are writing for your audience.

If you are creating content you should know how to convey all your data and knowledge to the readers as more understanding yields more readership.

As I wrote earlier size of the content in most cases is not the deal as most of the people write a long piece of content and they expect the large spike in traffic growth but they only find out that none of this thing happened but why? The answer is simple that you find out later that your context gets failed to attract the audience so no one read that but again why? Because it’s not effective enough to gain the attention of people and it directly involves your writing skills.

Yes, your SEO content writing skills. Your skills are not good enough to attract more audience and somewhere they are losing interest as you are failing to convey them the knowledge or data or they are not understanding you.

To get good content you should follow an effective conversational content writing style that breakouts most of the grammatical rules. This style of writing aims for a larger amount of audience and addresses them. In this writing style the sentences mostly start with pronouns sometimes they may begin with “yet”, “but” and “and”.

Simple content

These writing things make the article like a conversation or a dialogue between two persons. It allows people to understand in a better and conversational way. By using simple standard language that most of the audience around this whole world can understand and following a conversational content writing style you can easily create a connection with your readers.

It will get you the more reader’s engagement they will feel more involved with you as it makes the conversation effective and interesting. With this style, you just have to write normally like as you are talking with some other person in the regular routine so the words and ideas are easy to use in your context.

As in this writing style, the rules are lesser so readers will be more tolerant of your grammatical mistakes. Keep in short and make it interesting as you are telling a story don’t get afraid of using an example to make the tune of your content interesting. Most of the time try to be inactive voice tune.

When you use examples it makes the audience think which makes an active engagement. In the end, just write and think of your audience that you must have to target them. All these things only result in a huge readership increase if you create user-friendly content and you get a huge spike of traffic audience growth then you are on the right path. These are the stages and advantages you get when you follow conversational writing.


  • Creates connection
  • Easy editing
  • More reader engagement
  • Increase readership

Content Optimization And Usage Of Specific Keywords In The Content


Content Optimization

The best content is the key to Google’s ranking. Your content gives the ranking signals to the web crawlers and bots. Still many of the people get failed to gain more audience. After writing you need to optimize your content and put useful keywords in your content. You must know one thing what to present.

Now there’s too much competition into this content world as everyone wants their content to be on top-ranked pages of search engines. You wrote great content but it must be greatly optimized that’s the key for more audience-driven traffic towards your website. The web content optimizing is a bigger challenge than creating specific content.

You can create multiple pages to get ranked on the single headline. You can conduct page-level audits and SEO audits for this purpose. You can analyze what your competitors are doing. Mostly in optimizations, you create more thinks to one single page that can cover-up thousands of traffic for you to visit your website. Here are the factors that are necessary for efficient content optimization:

Content Optimization Factors

-Effective Title Headlines

If we talk about Google’s ranking algorithm the title tags are the most important factors there. You can use your primary keyword in that to optimize your title headline. Most people use their primary keyword at the start of their title. Align material with titles to match the user’s intention.

Later on, you can compare your titles with some top trending titles or your competitor’s title. Provide your readers with something unexpected that they can’t find somewhere else. These are some factors that you can do for SEO and optimization along with keywords searching and placing:

-LSI And The Secondary Keywords

For this you need to make strategy first you need to place keywords and all the related data terms inside the titles and images along with headings, subheadings, alt tags, and all the content body? You can use more relevant words into title more relevant entities are more useful. This is the part of your keyword research and content optimization strategy.


People of this age don’t go out for reading your content at first they scan for what they want and what they need if they find out the answers they are seeking then they read. So you can create different kinds of data for those who want to learn in detail and for those who are in an emergency and they just want answers. So for this, you can breakout long paragraphs by making shorter headings. You can mark the most interesting part of your content to make it look more interesting like using highlights, spaces, and different headings.

-Educate Yourself And Update Content

After you create your content don’t limit yourself to only one point search and gather more and more knowledge and learn for new strategies to watch out for your competitors what are they doing what they want to do. Create content according to the new trends and if you have already some content and later you find out some new information related to that content just update it.

Explore and learn from the other organizations around your skills because it will make your skills go more updated. Read different guides and learn how different products work in the market and related to your content. Learn how to design different kinds of content.

-Covering The Content Depth

Creating the content is good but covering the content depth is more important. Content depth defines how much detail and information including all the data about that specific niche you are providing. You need to define all things for this you need to make a strategy.

You will first analyze all the key points of that title and then you will explain the content in length is good and better than short one but without depth, its useless the recency of high-quality content can help boost SERP CTR which will help you to boost your traffic and search engine ranking. Wikipedia is the best example as you can see how much content can be found there with so deeply explained covering all the main focus elements.

-Schema / Structured Data Markups

If your content is well structured it makes search engines to understand your content better as it will clearly show what this content is related to so the bots will catch it easily and faster. In today’s competition, the well-structured factor is important. Google has made it easier for us to add more markups, many tools can be used these days for data markups. If you are using word press you can use different plugins that can help you with data markups.

-Visual Content And Collaboration, Link-Outs

Visual content is one of the top methods used these days for content optimization where collaboration is an effective strategy used these days that makes an advantage even for two different things. You can optimize your data for better engagement with rich media content and branded media visuals you can use graphs, data visualizations, HD images and videos, landing pages and even memes in visual content optimization.

In collaboration you can use link outs like doing promotion and taking help from other content creators by placing a link to their content into your content, on the other hand, they can do the same. This will help in the growth of traffic for both content creators that are collaborating. This thing also helps you to improve your reputation inside this vast community as they get to know you and how you work.


-Easy To Access And Page Speed

Your content must reach to the audience using all different platforms like today there are many things that we use different devices and different operating systems you need to optimize your website so it is easily accessible from all these things and make sure that it is responding fast on each of them.

For that you can enable compression, you can reduce redirects, and you can remove render-blocking java scripts, you can handle cache process, you can improve server response time along with image optimization and in the end, you can use content distribution networks and much more that you can do for improving page speed besides these core factors that are mentioned below in image.

Most people use mobile access, your website must have mobile optimization to display content same with high quality as it shows from some browser on pc or laptops. Mobile is a common device today and a large number of people use phones to connect and explore the internet so make sure that your website is user-friendly on mobile interface too and it is showing the same quality. It’s simple if your website is faster its page speed is faster it will get ranked better as Google has put this factor as a weight in ranking of pages faster. The complete factors are :

increase page speed

-Internal Links

It simply passes more link integrity to improve the crawling ability of key content by contextually linking other deeper pages of your website to it. Use highly descriptive anchor texts to gain more benefits from your internal links. This will help your content to rank better for the keywords you are aiming for.

-Building Links

Building links is a very important factor to rank better these days. If your content is breaking the market and is better than most of the content creators then it is very

link building

easy for you to get and earn links to your content assets. You can take help from some publishers that have already published the same content as you plus you can read a lot of link building books and strategies you can take help from YouTube or another guiding website that can help you create links. There are many link building guides you can read them for better understanding.

Social Media Sharing

Our one of the last and yet most useful strategy for content marketing is social media sharing. This is the most powerful factor as it connects business with its customers all over the world and when you share your content online it is the most powerful thing that some people can’t even imagine.

You can use interesting thumb images and headings to share your content on social media. It is that part of a strategy where you share your content of website or blog across Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Google plus. It attracts the viewers from all these other social media websites to come and read your content therefore your content must be relevant.


content sharing


You can create a proper posting schedule to distribute posts on these social media platforms. If you can do a successful social media marketing of your content then it can bring you the highest ever traffic on your website but in the end quality of the content matters in all of these things.

Encourage more people to share your content after reading and subscribing to you. In the end, you must know the best content sharing strategy to move on with this factor. Apart from social media, there are many other forums too where you can promote your content some of them you can see below in the image.


That’s it from our side these are the top 5 content marketing strategies according to us. Now it’s on you to read and implement them to gain more traffic on your website. These are the key features or you can say must know features for any content creator whether he is a newbie or a professional as “a professional was once a newbie too”. Just start and focus on your audience as the audience matters in this all content creation game, give them what they want you will gather more and more audience in that way!!!.

Do check the complete SEO checklist in 2020 if you wanna know all about checklists for this year.

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