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In SEO of the website, every page needs special attention which will grow your ranking on the search engine. It will also boost your organic traffic in 30 days. Today, we will talk about certain factors which help you to optimize each page of the website so that chances of highest ranking can increase even if the keyword has high competition. These factors are helpful for both on-page SEO and off-page SEO. SEO will also increase your organic traffic by 161 percent in 30 days if you are using this checklist.

Local SEO is also becoming one of the popular searches, and it also needs a lot of effort. It will also help to target more customers quickly.

Optimization of the title tag

Title tags are essential for every website, and they are easy to add and check again if needed. H1 tag will make your title bolder and easy to read please put the keyword in the H1 tag if you are using the keyword in the start of title that will be more effective.

The modifier will also rank for the long-tailed keyword if you are using the keyword in the start of the title. Don’t add a page to the website without having a title tag. The search engine crawls on the title tags and on the URL to know about the intent of the page.

Boosting the speed of your website

It only takes a few seconds to impress your audience so always try to optimize the speed of the website. It should not take longer to load because many visitors never come to your website again if the loading time of the website is bad, no one wants to waste time.

A lot of data and pictures make the website slow so always try to use the pictures and videos which are not that heavy. Give proper bandwidth to your website to lessen the loading time of the website. It will be helpful in the ranking of the website.

You can use CDN websites to optimize the loading time of the website. Some good examples of CDN websites are EdgeCast, Stackpath, and Some small companies think that CDNs are out of their budget and they are unnecessary. They are utilizing websites like which has a framework and library of CSS and JS which support you prevent some hosting files on your server.

Multimedia Usage

Your website is based on a lot of content such as images, texts, and videos to make it interesting for the visitors. If you are adding a variety of content on the website, you will get more audience also the bounce rate of the website will decrease.

Try to add some informative pictures and videos which are relevant to what you are doing. The educational content on your website is the bread and butter for your website. Your content has to be longer, descriptive, and informative which can be up to 15,000-20,000 words this is the general rule.

Subheading Usage according to complete SEO checklist

Breakage in the content is relaxing for the eyes and give a clear impact to the visitor. They can read this type of content quite easily. Images are also helpful in the content to make the things more transparent, and the content becomes manageable. Subheadings also make the content interesting, and the reader gets the idea that what we are talking about.

H2 in every content make the content user-friendly, and this content is easy to digest. Subheadings are the roadmap which helps in the navigation of the content. Never try to put too many keywords in the content, but you can use according to the law.

Use Outbound Links

Outbound links are vital in your content of the website because these links are creating a reference of information. These Complete SEO checklist links tell the crawler that you are giving information through your content. This will also provide a brief description of your visitors.

This method will also increase the authority of your website. You can use one external link to an authoritative website in every page of your website to rank better on the search engine. Make sure you are linking to a website has authority in the range of 5-8 this will impact better on the website.

Including social media button

Every page of the website needs social media buttons so that it becomes easy to share the page. Even if your page is not going viral over the internet, you can still add social media buttons on every page of the website. Someone can share your content if needed, and that will increase your traffic too.

Twitter and Facebook are the two dominant social media, and many websites are showing their button on their homepage. 50.3 percent of the largest websites have the Facebook plug-in, and around 42.5 percent have twitter button. Some websites also have Google plus button, and those websites are 8.1 percent. Some websites even have the LinkedIn button, and the ratio is around 4 percent according to bright edge survey in September 2011.

complete seo checklistThis ratio is increasing with time.

Adding social media button on every page of the website give it a user-friendly look also. These buttons will help in SEO also. Always try to put the buttons on the top of every page or the bottom of every page. You can connect your website with ten plus social media platforms or with 4 to 5 social media platforms depending on the choice.

Shorter URLs

Short and readable URLs are easy for the audience, on the other hand, this URL is easy to read for the search engine too. Tell me which website link you will prefer? or

You will select the cleaner and shorter URL which is easy to read and remember. Google crawler also love clear URLs and rank them easily. In the past, you can use the longer URLs too for ranking, but now you should stick to the rule which says the shorter URL is the better URL. Google should know what your page is about otherwise crawler will never work effectively.

Here is the report of 1 million Google search results which is showing small URLs are the best.

A responsive website design

Use of the website with mobile is becoming common, and the ratio is rising more than computer users. Mobile is the new way to search the websites with speed that is the reason you get the penalty if your website is not responsive.

Now you have to prepare your website user-friendly to rank higher on the search engine, and this will also increase traffic coming on your website. Mobiles website is one of the famous, and this will increase in the coming year. So, you have to take responsibility for making your website a responsive one.

Use keywords for Images saying Complete SEO checklist

When you are adding pictures on the website also keep in mind to name those pictures and also put alt text. It will tell the audience that how you are relating text with the images or what image is saying. Putting alt text method is best for SEO of the website too.

Try to optimize images on the website too which can increase the loading time of the website. Adding tags to the images are essential for every page of a website.

Creation of longer articles in Complete SEO checklist

For crawler longer and the descriptive content is essential. This is an elementary rule for every website. If your long content is also quality content, your visitors will spend more time on the website in reading it.

The crawler is calculating the time each visitor is spending on the website. This also helps the crawler in analyzing how helpful your content is. Try to make your long posts interesting one so that more people can read the content of the website.

This will also increase the backlinks which you are giving to other website or your website’s other pages. The post has to be comprehensive which will position you as the leader of the industry according to the Complete SEO checklist.

Use of synonyms and use of your keyword early

Use of your keyword in the article is very important, but it is more necessary to put the keyword in the first 100 words of the article. This will tell the crawler what exactly you are saying in the article. Wording variety in your article matters a lot.

The search engine can analyze the relevancy of the content through synonyms, and it makes the content readable for the audience and useful for the search engine crawler. Try to add something interesting to the audience, so they spend more time on your website.

Use of Internal Links according to Complete SEO checklist

The search engine considers a website good when its bounce rate is less, and the audience is staying for longer on the website. So, if you add internal links to your article for the better result. This seems reasonable if your every article has 2 to 3 internal links.

It will also show that you have a lot of information on a single topic for the readers. This will make their interest, and they will stay for longer on the website. After readability of the content, this is one of the best ways to engage the audience. Never forget internal links on your blog.

Answer Common Questions and Include FAQs

Your website has to tell about certain things so never forget to add this page. FAQs will clear a lot of things to the clients if you don’t have any idea what question and answers should be present on this page Google them. Keyword on the FAQ page is perfect if you are using it for blogs and articles of the website.

Answer the public is online free of cost tool which helps you find the questions people are searching for.

Always try to address useful answers through this page because this can be an excellent start for your audience. Try to put the facts and statistics through this page and make sure all the data is current. Content strategy of this page has to be very strong, and it should be answering audience coming on your website. You can answer questions which are consistently asked by the audience will give you a higher ranking and more traffic.

User Reviews according to Complete SEO checklist

Comments and reviews are important because this method is telling your audience about the quality of your product. Other business can also see these reviews before purchasing the relevant products from you according to the Complete SEO checklist.

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