How Encryption Can Enhance Your SEO (2020)

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How to Enhance SEO with Encryption

The biggest things that are to be mediated in SEO are higher site ranking and how to maintain that high rank? But here we are getting indirectly dependent on search engines so on hackers. So the encryption here adds an opportunity for us to fight with the site criminals, we already use our best technical on-page SEO practices along with off-page strategies to enlarge our page rankings but what here we must use encryption to fight with all cybercriminals out there.


Encryption enhancing SEO


We use social media to boost our traffic where a large number of people share our content to link more and more people with us. As per Bing now the social media is playing an important role in the good ranking of websites in search results. So with greater traffic, it is a crucial thing to keep your site running, it is important to keep your site up and running all the time, one must evade the website crashing to ensure that, the site is running wholly. In most websites crashing outlines, the cybercriminals are culpable for this plot.

Why We Need Encryption

According to the report of 2019, the cybercriminals earned 3.5$ billion by the violations of social media involving some other vicious activities, which is another main reason to consider encryption for your website. The strategy involved for decryption and encryption of the information is known as cryptography.


By using encryption you can hide the true meaning of that useful information by converting it into a cipher code to make it safe from cybercriminals. Only authorized persons can know that piece of information that you encrypted by using the cipher. If we overall look at this thing this sounds very difficult like converting any useful information to look meaningless by making it ciphertext and then converting back it to the original form but this is a very useful and worthy security tool.


Encryption enhancing SEO

Enhancing SEO


There are two main encryption methods that can be used to optimize our website ranking and security>>> End to End And Quantum.

E2EE End To End Encryption

End to end encryption is to verify that the data which is being transmitted cannot be viewed by any other person rather than the sender and receiver that other person can be a hacker or cybercriminal where this purpose of using end to encryption is getting full filled. The Transport Layer Security provides uses a simple communication circuit between the user and the server, this ordinary mostly don’t give you any assertion that you have an end to end encryption

Social applications like Facebook, Whatsapp are providing E2EE(End to End Encryption), even in Facebook messenger the secrete conversation option is a full example of E2EE(End to End Encryption).


Encryption enhancing SEO

Enhancing SEO

Quantum Cryptography

This is completely based on the quantum mechanical properties of particles, it protects your data on this principle. The main feature of this thing is that when an intruder tries to access your data it gets change when you use the quantum method it cannot get copied too.


Encryption enhancing seo

Enhancing SEO


As you will get alerted so that’s an absolute win for you. By using this encryption you are totally secured from the SEO spam infected websites. The main feature that this encryption is offering to us is it will stop hackers to gain access and steal your precious content that is responsible for your higher site ranking. You are also secured from things like losing your traffic cause of SEO spam and comment spam which saves your brand’s reputation.

Mostly the hackers inject the spammy links which are only showed to search engines and users meanwhile you are unaware of them in the end cause that they steal your site’s authority and bring your reputation down to increase their own.


Encryption enhancing SEO

Enhancing SEO


So in the end encryption is an effective safety measure that helps your site to stay safe while improving its rank increasingly so it is a safeguard for any big industries and businesses it saves your loss of reputation, currency, and credibility. It is necessary to take precautionary measures before it gets late.

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