Complete Guide to the Google RankBrain Algorithm

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The algorithm of Google RankBrain was introduced in April 2015 first time, and it came to Bloomberg stories in the year October 2015. In the article of Bloomberg the RankBrain was explained as:

“RankBrain is based on Artificial intelligence which use to embed mathematical entities into the vast amount of written languages which are known as vectors. The computer can understand these vectors easily. If your keyword is not known for the machine, it will still give some suggestion of what you are searching for. You will see the filtered results which are according to your keywords. The RankBrain makes the search relative, and you will get what you are watching for.”

Google uses the RankBrain in its search results, and this algorithm is live for searching purpose only. The RankBrain cannot be used in wild situations, and Google is teaching algorithms through machine learning. This algorithm is for good reason because if it broke, there is no solution to resolve the problem.

In live searches, RankBrain helps you to find out the best fit options, and that is helpful for us also. The RankBrain is made for live searches.

Ranking signals of the Google RankBrain

Third important ranking signal on Google is the RankBrain (after links and content).

But I want to know that is it a signal for ranking?

It is not the conventional type of ranking signals, and that is the reason we think that it is not a ranking signal.

The RankBrain is always in search for those queries which are not known to Google and find out the best fit.

Fifteen percent queries per day come on Google for processing which is new and never searched before.

That means there are a lot of queries which are still unknown to Google. It is very difficult for you to think about it.

You should know about different methods of asking a simple question about anything. Some people love to know something extra about a person, place, or thing. These searches of asking something from Google can grow to the voice searches as technology is evolving, and smartphones are getting enhanced with the time.

If you want the best answer to your query nothing can help you but the RankBrain can with the capability of AI and machine learning. If Google doesn’t know what you are talking about you can still get the answer of your query due to this algorithm that makes it different from others.

Ranking signals for Google RankBrainIn starting the RankBrain was only involved in 15 percent of unknown queries which was a minimal number. But now it is grown to every query coming on the search engine. This has enhanced Google searches.

The RankBrain works very little on those queries which are known for Google but has a significant influence on those queries which are not known for Google. You will get the right suggestion through RankBrain if you are searching for a keyword.

What does Google mean to know about a Query set?

When the updated algorithm of hummingbird which moved the searches “to the thing from strings” it infer the exact match of your query by counting the off-page and on-page SEO factors. This search will connect your query with the people, places, and things by making the relationship in all the necessary entities. This algorithm is seeded with all the entities connected to a query.

Freebase is a database which is used in these type of queries at first, but now Google is using WikiData for processing the queries. Now in modern time queries are processing according to machine learning. In most of the queries, these tricks are using for processing of queries.

How does it work?

If your article is about the topic “red apple,” you will do an extra effort for ranking such as the use of H1 tags, inbound anchor text, and optimization of the content is essential. It will rank better if you are using all the ranking signals. Other than that all of us know that Apple is a fruit and it is available, and that is red.

Google will get to know about the article through the string called “red apple” Google will find out all the articles on the keyword “red apple” because this is relevant. So here is the example of searching an article named “red apple.”

How does it work 1If the Google is not sure that what you are talking about a fruit “red apple” or a computer “red apple” you will see the alternate results and this is very important to find out the relevant results. So if you are finding a computer red apple, you should add “computer” in your search string for the right results.

How does it work 2 Google RankBrainThis search will show you the most relevant results instead of 2 fruit results and eight computer results. That is one of the major examples of how Google ranks brain work.

Influence of RankBrain on a query result

The Google RankBrain can work on every query according to the country and language used in that area. If the search term is not known to the Google RankBrain is in the game to search the keyword of your choice.

Before the invention of the RankBrain, it was quite challenging to find an article related to what we are searching. Sometimes I failed to see the articles which I have written on a specific topic. No concept of exploring the things in depth was present at that time.

Like I have written an article on California water authority, but nothing was pulled in Google searches.

But the results were not shown about the water authority of the specific area. Instead of the accurate results searches were ranking California trees, wood, products, etc. Which is confusing and after the invention of RankBrain things are very easy to find out on Google, and every query has a specific and smart answer?

We know that now you can search for everything and you will observe the impact of the RankBrain on your daily searches. Google personally don’t know any difference between place and thing. If you are searching for water, it will take you to the sink of your kitchen which is very irrelevant.

Google is learning with time about how to match the results with the specific searched query. The idea to find the best match came after the invention of the RankBrain.

With time things are enhancing now when you search on Google it is not possible that you are not getting the right information. Only a few results are irrelevant but other than that you will get the best results. Google is answering your query correctly this can be the precursor of the RankBrain.

What is not the part of Google RankBrain?

In the layman term, we didn’t discuss the RankBrain. So we will see the things which are working behind the scene.

The RankBrain is not a processor of natural languages, Known as NLP. NLP has broken the whole sentence structure and checked what the intent of the searcher from this sentence is. NLP is capable of understanding every language easily like a human can do and it infers the meaning of every word.

The RankBrain is an enhanced version of NLP which not only infer the meaning of the words of every language. The RankBrain needs a full database of vectors, and connections of known relationships in the relevant queries to come up with the best results.

The inference is required when queries are not known, but now the results of that query are still established on that data.

Actual work of the Google RankBrain

In the machine learning procedure, the RankBrain make a database of different entities such as things, places, and people to seed the algorithm.

Using a mathematical formula, these words are broken into pieces which give the address to those words and provide the addresses. Same words have the same meaning and same addresses.

When Google in search of the answer for a query which is unknown. It searches out the mapping of these addresses and relation between different terms to come up with options which are most relevant for the query.

With the time Google enhanced its results by matching the intent of the user and by the enhancement of machine learning. This makes the results more relevant, and Google returns those results to the user.

Google Rank Brain does not analyze the words such as “the” and “and” and Google also throw these words out in the searches.  RankBrain is made to support you to find out the best search results by understanding the queries better especially for the queries with a negative orientation like queries with words such as “not” or “without.”

TheNext web also explained

“Google RankBrain is capable of converting content in texts of queries into the ‘word vectors’ also called as ‘distributed symbols,’ every search has an exclusive address of coordination in mathematical place. The similarity in the linguistic connects the vector closer.”

It is not a complicated method, but the process of the mathematical level is also involved. A mathematical address is assigned to a word. The word which is the part of your query is checked with the located words to get the best fit vector.

Interpretation of these words can give you the results according to your choice. All the data in original put into the process of machine learning which make the results more relevant.

This process is complicated at the micro level but looks simple on the surface. This makes the Google RankBrain algorithm famous for finding out the most relevant data.

Optimization for Google RankBrain

Google Gary Illyes will tell you how you can optimize the query for Google RankBrain

“It is straightforward to optimize for the RankBrain, We are talking about this for the last 15 years, recommending this, and you should write the query in natural language. Content which sounds like human written content is best for RankBrain. RankBrain will push you back when you behave like a machine, and it will be confused after some articles.

If you have a content related website read what you have written in your articles or anything you have written. It should sound natural as the human has written this. It has to be in a natural language which you are using in daily routine and sounds conversational. If you are fulfilling this criterion, then you are optimized for RankBrain. If you are not fulfilling the criteria, you are not optimized according to the RankBrain.”

You should ask about the other ranking factors if you are already producing good content. You now think that what factors will give your content the priority to rank. You want to rank for this ranking signal, and you are thinking for that. Answer of these questions is not an answer but a question. Why do you want to try this idea?

The advantage of RankBrain can be taken in some exclusive use cases. Sometimes for your website you want to rank for the keyword which is not known for Google is better to put your efforts on other things.

Because you are not going to hit the keyword which no one is using or for the keyword which will change with every query.

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RankBrain is made to change the query for the better results. So if you are going to optimize for it, you are going to target a thing which is continuously moving. It is probably difficult for you to rank for this keyword and more difficult to optimize it properly for the RankBrain.

Just try to follow three things according to Google, and that is:

  • Good content on your website.
  • Make sure the content is not looking like a machine is writing, but you should look like a human.
  • Move on, and you will get the audience for the content.

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