How to create trustworthy pricing page

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Is your trustworthy pricing page is made to drive traffic?

Landing pages are always the tricky part of the website, and when I analyze website, I observe the common mistakes. Creating a trustworthy pricing page is always a challenge for companies that want to drive conversions by showing key trust indicators. In this step-by-step guide, I’m going to teach you exactly how to be a ninja at creating pricing pages that instill trust factor to your target audience.

Your pricing should have informative content on it which is beneficial and useful for your audience. Moreover always take care of the design of this page so that your customer spend a lot of time on it and spend money on it.

I always have seen those pricing pages which never mean a lot and are not designed well. Finding bases of this page is difficult. This is a very common practice observed on many websites.

You spend a lot of time on how to take advantage of the profit pages, but it is always related to how you are showing the prices.

You also need to know about the pages which turn the visitors into the customers.

Transparency of the pages which build trust become the best among your customers. Here are the reasons.

If your pricing page doesn’t have the information related to your customer viewpoint, you can add new strategies which encourage your customers to spend some money on it.

According to research, 73% of the customers pay or willing to pay the extra amount for your product or services which guarantee transparency. Moreover, 39% customer say that they can change the brand for transparency.

Both consumer and you will get the advantage from transparent and reliable pricing pages.

Here is the guide for you which will tell you how you can make your pricing pages of e-commerce website profitable. This will surely increase your sale try this out for the best results.

Comparison table creation for trustworthy pricing page

The comparison table is the best way to tell your customers about their choice which will enhance their experience.

If you add this table, they will never navigate to other pages and get to know the details of the product they are going to order online.

You can take the example of Netflix they are using this tactic on their pricing page.

Netflix comparison page

You can see how they are using the pricing page effectively with a simple design.

There are three different packages

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium

On the top pricing is mentioned and it is evident that how they are providing services and how it cost. No extra thing is mentioned in it, and everything is related to the prices and services.

Features or services are mentioned in a list of Netflix, and they are merely telling which package is better than the other depending on the cost. The size of the comparison table is best because it will never bore customer.

Research of short-term memory told that people can always keep seven things in mind at a time. Most people can remember 5 to 9 informational pieces in the memory.

You need to make a precise comparison table if it is longer. Because if you have a long list, it will take a lot of time to convert the visitor into the customer. You need to put extra effort into the conversion.

If your customers are scrolling down your 30 point list, maybe they neglect the option which is attractive for them.

If it is difficult for you to make the comprehensive list, I will recommend you to add services in which comparison is available from which you are charging a price.

You should not add 30 days free trial in the comparison table instead of that you can add it somewhere else on the page.

Showcase your value proposition   

If you want success in your business, you have to make a compelling value proposition.

Value proposition means how your products, services, and brand are giving the advantage to your customers. Your company can become better as compare to your competitors if you are providing excellent products and services.

This page will tell your clients about the advantage of your products and services. Here is the example of the benchmark which is telling the benefit of the website.

Bench Mark features

Transparency of the services is also showcased on the website which is easily grabbing customers. This is telling that company is always taking responsibility for the services which they are offering.

The company is also working for the satisfaction of the client. You can go and check the pricing page of the website, but visitors get convinced with the features. If you want the value proposition of the company always tests this feature.

Benchmark is also giving the opportunity to change the template of the email instantly. You can also edit photos in your email and make it attractive through direct photo editor.

This will also build trust in your customer, and they will come to purchase again and again. Also, this will convert your visitors into the customers.

Top options should highlight

Your customer has the guideline of the best among all the plans. There are different ways to tell your customers about the best option for them.

You can also see the choices in the Netflix pricing plans. Top features have to be highlighted with other colors. Sharp colors will attract customers easily.

The premium package is the expensive one in Netflix pricing plan and comparison was highlighted with red color. You should highlight the premium packages so that your consumers can spend more money.

Now you think that is this strategy is trustworthy?

But your expensive products and services are always giving extra advantages to your customers, and this is trustworthy.

If we again go with the Netflix options, it is giving the opportunity to stream video on four screens along with they are giving HD movies to the clients of the premium package. These are the features which are not for other packages.

Now have a look at one more example of HostGator who are telling about all of their pricing plans and this is the best value pricing plans.

HostGator Pricing Plan

When we go into the market, we love to bargain.

You can see that the premium package which is for business is costly.

So always try to add some discounts in different seasons of the year for the better sales. On the other hand, you can put the most expensive package next to a sufficient one. You can also tell your visitors about your best selling products which will motivate them.

You can also show some social proof to tell your audience about the fame of your product.

Motivate the customers to spend more money on the trustworthy pricing page

Your priority services are not the cheapest one. You should motivate your customers so that they can spend a lot of money. This is an example of getting the response, and they have different price packages which will tell you my perspective.


Get response pricing plan

These pricing plans are transparent and telling about every detail which is the part of this plan.

You can see that options which are not available under the pricing plans are not the part of that package.

This means get response told everything precisely to the customers. If your customers want more feature, they have to spend more. Also, observe that get response has highlighted the best package.

This pricing page is attracting the audience because of the services they are offering are appropriate according to the price packages and justifiable.

Free trials based on prices for trustworthy pricing page

Free trials example is an older one for all of you. You have also observed that most of the companies give 30-60 days trial to their new customers.

Netflix is offering the free trial to the new customers. But free trials end and the customer is addicted to your excellent services.

You can also attach pricing with free-trial to make this attractive for the customers. For instance, you are giving service in $10 on 30 days trial and another package for $100 and 60 days trial is pretty cool, but you cannot set 14 days trial for both packages because it will not be effective.

The strategy of Pandora is quite refreshing.

Pandora free trial

Pandora is not saying its customers to buy the services without taking the test. If someone is taking the expensive services, they get the double length of the free trial. People who are going to subscribe cheaper package will get 30 days trial.

You will get the advantage of free-trial in the long run so never take tension of the free-trial. You should consider this step for your pricing page too.

According to research monthly and yearly plans have the conversion rate of 60% roughly.

Conversion rate of free trial trustworthy pricing pageThis is the good one and doesn’t think before giving free-trials.

Social proofs of the trustworthy pricing page

Social proof is always become the reason of conversion so keep it in mind when you are designing the pricing page.

Your customers will tell other customers about the experience they have on your website. It will directly affect your new buyers. Have a look on salesforce who have the proof of user experience.

This means other people are recommending your product which is the guarantee of your excellent services.

Social Proof

If you continue scrolling the page of salesforce, you will see these options — customers who are happy to switch their CRM to Salesforce. On the other hand, reviews are available to have a look at them.

When you are designing the pricing page of your website always keep in mind about the testimonials. Also, try to add the picture name and position of the person who is reviewing your product.

This will surely guarantee that everyone who is telling about the product is a person, not a fake review.

Also, add the live chat option on your website on which your customer can easily communicate with your representative. This is the easiest way to convince them.

This is also a trust-building tactic, and different companies are using it quite effectively.

Live chat option on the trustworthy pricing page

Communication in you and your visitors have to be very effective.

You can take the example of intercom who added the option of live chat for the customers which will further elaborate the pricing packages with every visitor coming on the website.

This will add more transparency to the pricing packages. This is the method which will convince the visitors to buy your product.

If a customer has any question, they are facilitated enough to ask from your representative.

Here is the example of the intercom.

intercom live chat

You can add a chatbot so that it will pop up on every visit.

If customers are failed to understand any option of the package they can message directly, this will motivate the visitor to buy your product.

Live chat option is attractive for the customer, and they feel a strong bond with your company. It will surely increase your conversion. Most of the customers are now encouraging live chat option.



If you want your trustworthy pricing page effective and you want it to become conversion for, you make sure you are delivering trustworthy information and transparency.

Never forget to add about the comparison table which will tell your consumer about their options. It will clear their mind more, and they can quickly decide on what plan they are going.

The value proposition has to be flexible.

You can motivate your consumer by highlighting your recommendations so that they can spend more on your trustworthy pricing page. This is one of the effective strategies for conversion and getting the best prices for your products and services.

Trials are essential the more extended trial should be given on the expensive packages will provide you with more customers.

Social proof is an essential element because old customer reviews will surely grab the new customers to your brand. Your customer security is necessary for you.

Your conversion rate will increase if you add these elements to the trustworthy pricing page. If you have these elements on your page, you will be able to compete with your competitors also.

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